What we do

We work with non-profits, foundations, and governmental organizations, producing quantitative media research and leveraging insights towards social change, public health, and human rights agendas.

Fields of research

Topic-based media and discourse analysis

We analyze attention, framing, narratives, and influencers in the media ecosystem for a selected topic. Analysis can include social media networks as well as global news media.

Observatory on hate speech and disinformation

In conjunction with Media Cloud's International Hate Observatory Project (IHOP), we identify origination and spread patterns for hate speech and disinformation. Recent inquiries have included disinformation pertaining to climate activist Greta Thunberg, dehumanizing immigration terms in mainstream media, and prominence of conspiracy theories and disinformation in vaccine coverage.

Observatory on misinformation and global health

A portfolio of work, the Health Discourse Research Initiative (HDRI), focusing on the application of cutting edge mis/disinformation studies and methodologies to the field of global health communication. We produce original research as well as support external projects through this portfolio.

Extrapolations from News Data

Using novel methods, we use news data to reach conclusions about related computational social science concepts like influence and representation within social discourse.

Field building and education

As a nonprofit ourselves, MEAG is committed to building the field of digital media analysis. We convene partners and the research community, provide trainings, and are part of hosting and maintaining an open source toolset, Media Cloud.


Education and events

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We organize conferences, seminars, and convening to advance the field of media ecosystems analysis. Check out the takeaways from our last conference.

Podcast series

We will be releasing an original podcast covering key concepts and research at the nexus of global health communication and mis/disinformation. Coming soon!

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Educational material

We produce guides and tutorials to help researchers and non-profit organizations study digital media ecosystems.

Support to other researchers

We help academics and organizations conduct research by providing expert advice, data access, digital tools and other resources.

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