Discourse on Giving & Philanthropy in the US

This work fills a gap in research by describing and understanding conversations about giving and philanthropy that are taking place in the news and across social media in the United States.


Emily Boardman Ndulue

Fernando Bermejo

Commissioned by

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


June 16, 2021

Shared below are findings from the third year of research (August 2019 - August 2020), as well as takeaways from the entire research project thus far.

Year 3 Findings

In the third year of research, new narratives around philanthropy and giving emerged from the dual crises of the coronavirus pandemic and racial injustice that confronted the nation in 2020.

Overall 3-Year Findings

In tracking and analyzing discourse about philanthropy and giving since 2017, we have observed trends and shifts within this media ecosystem. View the deck below to get our top-level takeaways.

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