Giving & Philanthropy with the Gates Foundation

Giving & Philanthropy with the Gates Foundation

Research Purpose

Commissioned by the Philanthropic Partnerships Team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this work fills a gap in research by describing and understanding conversations about giving and philanthropy that are taking place in the news and across social media in the United States.

Over the course of a year, researchers from the Media Cloud project at the MIT Media Lab and the Media Ecosystems Analysis Group analyzed discourse pertaining to giving and philanthropy within US news stories and Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts.

research Objectives

  • Provide an overview of narratives about giving and philanthropy and the evolution of these narratives over time

  • Identify promising and problematic narratives

  • Analyze the public narrative around the role of philanthropists

  • Detect specific moments or campaigns that shifted narratives

  • Identify influential news sources, organizations, and individuals in media coverage and discussion about giving and philanthropy

research Outputs

The findings of this research project were shared in a report, presentation, and infographic that highlights key findings, at the request of the Gates Foundation.

Giving & Philanthropy in the US Infographic FINAL.jpg

A webinar will be held on Thursday, May 23 at 12 pm Eastern to discuss these findings. Please email for join information.