Cross-Platform Digital Media Analysis


Examine the media and discover how the topics that matter are framed

In the past, leaders and people in power worked with just a few professional media outlets to communicate issues to the general public.

Today, many actors including governments, corporations, educational institutions, NGOs, activists, propagandists, and the general public have the ability to shape media dialogues through both legitimate and illegitimate means. The democratization of media spaces has led to a new media landscape that few educational or activist actors fully understand.

We at Media Ecosystems Analysis Group are experts in the nascent field of digital media analysis—a field we’re now actively working to create and build.

Leveraging the power of our open access Media Cloud platform, which features a large database of online sources collected from the open web and a unique set of digital tools to search, visualize, and analyze digital media, we work with non-profits and governmental organizations conducting quantitative media research and helping them learn to more effectively use communication and media for in support of social change, public health, and human rights agendas.


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